bread, Cookies and Milk



Chocolate Dips

Chocolate Dip Cookies. Sugar dough with mini chips, half dipped in Chocolate.  We left the other half to dip in your milk

$.70 ea / $7.00 doz

Chocolate Oats

Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies.  Made with love and oats.  And large Chocolate Chips. Makes a great instant breakfast with your coffee.

$.50 ea / $5.00 doz

Cranberry Sugar

Are these delicious!  Just a little bit of tang to cut the sweetness.  Our secret recipe.  

$.60 ea / 6.00 Doz

The purist

Plain, simple Choco-Chips.  Just add milk or coffee.  

$.40 Ea / $4.00 doz


Cinnamon Bread

Delicious as is or even better toasted with lots of butter.

800g $3.85 / 600g $2.60

Brioche Loaf

A French bread whose high egg and butter content gives it a rich and tender crust.

800g $3.85 / 600g $2.60

Classic Sourdough

Sourdough  is made by the fermentation of the dough using wild lactobacillaceae and yeast which imparts its rich sour taste.  Toasted, it can’t be beat!

800g $3.85 / 600g £2.60

Specialty Loaves

Call us for our special of the week.  You’ll love the variety.  We bake these with nuts, seeds, and love!

800g $3.85 / 600g $2.60

"Amazing selection of delicious and fresh sourdough bread. My customers keep on coming back for Shana's bread.”

Pete Walters, Luke caffe

hand-baked fresh daily

wholesale enquiries

Got a coffee shop or restaurant, but don’t have time to bake your own breads and cookies?  Shana would love to supply your Baristas with fresh, delicious, hand made breads and cookies. 

Have a catering business?  Add our bread or cookies to the menu and you’ll have more time for your own specialties….